Kids Healthy Eating

Home Cooking verses Restaurants

Kids healthy eating is better suited for home cooked meals than eating out at fast foods or restaurants. Children who attend fast food or restaurant establishments 4-5 times a week tend to have weight problems. For most kids eating out poses a problem, with increase salt intake 3-4 times as much.

Higher levels of sugar, along with fat and cholesterol levels, compared to home cooking where the levels can be adjusted for healthier child consumption. Usually kids who eat out at these establishments drink twice as much soda and are generally less physically active than their peers. Encourage children to learn to choose healthier options, such as fresh fruit and raw vegetables with yogurt dip instead of drive by Burger King.

Healthy Options

Always encourage your kids to eat regularly, especially breakfast, studies show breakfast eaters tend to be slimmer than people who skip this meal. Don’t make your child’s weight an “issue”. To help your children lose weight focus on good nutrition and a lot of physical activity “exercise”. Never use the word diet because kids healthy eating is so important.

Always lead by example, remember children love to imitate their parents. Keep in mind if you eat nutritiously and exercise frequently, your child will be more likely to do the same. Use lots of variety in foods to appeal to your child’s nutritional needs. Be consistent and creative for optimum health.

Always, cut back on the extra calories by not super sizing or eating cakes, cookies, candies, or chips for meals use sparingly for snacks
Eat 3 meals and 2 snacks with vegetables and fruit as the most wanted foods
Keep good eating habits yourself and more than likely your children will follow suit
Encourage home cooked meals where you can control the salt, sugar, fat, and cholesterol intake
Food is Not a Reward

Always avoid trying to lure your children with food as the reward. By using the reward “food” will become more desirable. But that’s not all–other foods become less important, too. Telling a child they can have cookies, if they eat all their veggies, simply makes the cookies more alluring and the veggies less appealing.

Take a look at what the whole family is eating. Usually children don’t develop bad eating patterns on their own. This is a family affair keep an eye out on what everyone is eating.