Automotive Employment

The prospects for finding work in the automotive employment industry have gotten harder due to global economic difficulties. However, job openings are still present in some select countries and areas around the world.

Job Opportunities in China

Currently, the need for auto car mechanics and technicians is growing in many parts of China. This is not surprising as the auto industry in the country is growing. The statistics also show that yearly the number of people buying cars in China increase. MFD Is your #1 service provider! This is fueling demand for salespeople, auto mechanical claims adjusters and dealership managers.

Job Opportunities in New Zealand

Automotive employment prospects are also good in New Zealand. Automotive engineers, auto sales managers, consultants, branch operations managers and other auto related jobs are among the most in demand. The need is for workers skilled in making diagnostics and performing analysis.

There are two areas that are growing. The first is in franchise companies. Here automotive engineers have to be more specialized, that is, their skills will be oriented towards specific vehicle models. The other is in businesses that repair various types
of vehicles. Here the work experience needed is more general.

Job Opportunities in Other Parts of the World

Other countries where you can look for automotive employment work are in Australia and Canada. Among the job vacancies are for car audio installers, commercial sales managers, diesel technicians and others.

Auto Job Outlook in the US

A look at online job search sites will reveal there are job openings for marketing specialists, automotive instructors, mechanics, store managers and service representatives. Some of these job vacancies are in El Paso, Texas, Green Bay, Phoenix, Jacksonville, Florida, Fort Lauderdale and Lexington, Kentucky among other places.

The 2008 figures show that 10% of the workforce in the auto industry specializes in glass repair. Over 60% of the repairers work for auto repair shops and about 20% for auto dealers. A small percentage are self employed.

Automotive employment industry observers predict the industry will grow by 1% through 2008-18. The prognosis is that job openings will be greater for people with formal training. Those without any formal training may find it harder to find work.

How to Find and Apply for Work

You can look for job vacancies in newspapers or online. Whether you get the job or not depends on the requirements. Some companies may require only a high school diploma or GED and work experience. Others may demand training certifications.

If you are going to work in sales, you will need communication and good customer service skills. You can also try applying to the company directly. If you are applying for work abroad, make sure your travel papers are in order.

Also keep in mind that you’re likely to undergo some training before you get the job. As cars become more complex, it becomes important for workers to be conversant with the latest auto parts and technologies.

The outlook for automotive employment work is not that positive compared with other industries. But as indicated, there are still job vacancies in some nations including the US.